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Modern Rearview Mirror

Modern Rearview Mirror

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Drive easily and stay connected with our special Modern Rearview Mirror. It's a 10-inch big screen for your car that lets you use your phone without wires for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can listen to music, find your way, and do more without using your hands.

🎵 Easy to Connect: You can connect your phone with Bluetooth or WiFi. Use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to make driving more fun.
☀️ Clear Display, Functions as a rear view mirror when turned off! 

🎥 High-Definition Recording: Choose between 2.5K+1080P or 1440P+1440P resolution for crisp recordings, day or night, rain or shine, thanks to advanced AHD and WDR technology.

🔄 Front and Back View: You can see both the front and back of your car on the screen. It also has a strong and good connection for plugging in.

🔊 Different Sound Options: You can hear sounds through the camera's speaker or your car's speakers. You can use FM, AUX, or Bluetooth to do this. But remember, Bluetooth only works with CarPlay.

💾 Multifunctional with Ample Storage: From loop recording to parking monitoring, and support for up to a 512GB card (not included), this dash cam is loaded with features to make your drive safer and more enjoyable.
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